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OUR School now subscribes to eLibrary™, the easy-to-use INTERNET- BASED reference resource for STUDENTS, AVAILABLE 24/7. eLibrary offers a broad range of full-text and graphical content that supports student information needs. Students can use this powerful, yet easy-to-use search tool to find the answers they need from more than 1,000 magazines, newspapers, books, maps, pictures, and radio and TV transcripts.

How will eLibrary help?
• Work from school or home on your research assignments.
• Improve your grades by bringing in extra credit articles on what you are studying.
• Find out more about your personal interests and hobbies.
• Combine pictures, maps, and illustrations into presentations and reports.
• Save time by getting all you need for reports from one search!

What can you do?
• Search or browse more than 900 full-text magazines. You can print, save, or email on the spot.
• Look up news articles from more than 200 regional, U.S., and international newspapers.
• Access pictures, maps, and illustrations to enliven homework assignments.
• Explore the meaning of words through the easy-to-use Look-Up feature and the Reference Desk.
• Utilize 193 full-text reference books, including The World Almanac.


SIRS Researcher deals only with current information on a variety of social issues.

Scranton Prep's Library delivers SIRS Databses to patrons in the Library or at home! With the click of a mouse, your child can now access thousands of full-text articles, graphics, photographs, government documents and more in his or her library or from their home computer!

SIRS reference products have been at the forefront of the information industry for thirty years. Their online databases reflect their dedication to providing credible reliable and current information on the social issues, science, health, history, government, business, and the arts and humanities.

Users can easily and effectively search, sort, print, and e-mail general and graphical information from full-text articles. SIRS editors with advanced degrees in Library Science, History and English, select articles that reflect both sides of current and enduring issues from thousands of U. S. and international newspapers, magazines, government documents and wire services.

SIRS Researcher is a general reference database containing full-text aricles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, political and global issues. Some of the additional features include: Focus on Terrorism - a site that provides in-depth information on global terrorism issues in Irag, Afganistan, the Middle East, India-Pakistan and in the U.S.; Leading Issues - 100 of the most researched issues with links to articles, documents, graphics and Web sites, as well as "Your Top 10 Choices", which are listed in order of the most accessed subjects; SIRS Newest - provides instant access to the "Newest Articles" and "Newest Graphics" added to SIRS Databases.; and Today's News - up-to-the minute national and global news stories and photographs from Reuter's wire services.



CQ Researcher gives the history, outlook, and pro/con articles on a variety of social issues.
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The POWER Library is offered as a service of Pennsylvania's public libraries, school libraries and the State Library. The POWER Library allows you to access thousands of full text periodical articles, newspapers, a major encyclopedia, plus photographs, pictures, charts, maps, reference materials for young people and more. You will find materials of interest in most subject areas for all age groups from young children to adults.

The Access Pennsylvania Database: a project of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, was started in 1985 as a way to provide a union catalog across the State of Pennsylvania. It was the first and remains the largest statewide union catalog that include the holdings of all types of libraries.

The Access Pennsylvania Database Project Today: represents a coordinated effort to facilitate resource sharing among libraries throughout the Commonwealth via the World Wide Web. As of February 1, 2005, 2869 School, Public, Academic and Special libraries participate in the Access Pennsylvania Database project. The Database contains approximately 11.7 million titles and over 50 million items.





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